Music Industry Ambassadors


Mervyn Lyn

Mervyn A Lyn

After leaving school and becoming a renowned DJ, Mervyn ended up selling records for a small chain of stores in north London and eventually managing the largest store in the chain. He has worked with Blues & Soul magazine, and Virgin Records and ran Sleeping Bag Records in Europe prior to two stints at BMG. Mervyn has also had the role of General Manager at Motown International looking after the label in all markets outside the US for Polygram. He recently left Sony Music, which was born out of the merger with BMG, after an 18-year stint having served in a number of senior roles including VP Global Marketing (Europe), VP Marketing and VP Strategic Partnerships. Mervyn in now MD of a successful strategic partnership agency working with an impressive network of clients and agencies eager to work with music and sport to enhance their brands. With a music business career that spans the best part of 32 years including those early DJ years, Mervyn is a passionate music man who believes very much in fair play and equal opportunities. In this time he has been a stark campaigner for recognition of these causes inside and outside the industry.

Winston Blissett

Winston Blissett

Winston has been working as a session bass player for over 30 years mainly in the pop genre with artists such as Robbie Williams (recording), Lisa Stansfield (live), Kylie Minogue (recording) and many more. His musical career started in the New Testament Church when he was about 16 years old. Winston had no music college or academic training but has learned as he has progressed whilst working with friends, colleagues and with some private tuition. In the 1980s he had his major breaks in the business while signed to the Virgin record label with a two-tone band called HEADLINE, of which he was a member for about a year. By the mid '80s Winston had decided to become a studio session musician and to be available for hire to various bands requiring a bass player for tours or one off shows. By the end of the '80s Winston had toured with a few artists but it wasn’t until 1990 that he gained his main exposure through playing in the LISA STANSFIELD band. From this moment on through the '90s, 2000s and up to the present moment, Winston has been fortunate to have worked with the artists mentioned above and with others. Other credits include: Tom Robinson (Live & recording), Robert Palmer (Live), Cher (recording x 1 track), Lionel Richie (recording x 1 track), Massive Attack (recording & live), Mattafix (recording), Boy George (recording & live), China Black (recording), Jimmy Cliff (Live), Basement Jaxx (recording), Swing Out Sister, (Live USA ’13 tour)