We have a wonderful team of trained professional singers, musicians and producers who deliver our music programme. They use their experience to inspire our young cohort and bring greater understanding to those wishing to take their skills to the next level. All tutors are DBS checked and have participated in further training to maintain understanding of safeguarding vulnerable children. They are encouraged to attend external training through Sound Connections and Lewisham Music Hub.

Ahmad Dayes

Ahmad Dayes
AYM, Cre8tiv® & Deaf Rave Music Production

Ahmad is a music engineer and an accomplished musician in the band United Vibrations. Never seen without a bit of tye dye on!

Paulina Knapik Cre8tiv® Choir

Paulina Knapik
Cre8tiv® Vocal Coach 

Paulina has more than 10 years of experience in conducting choirs and small groups. She currently sings in the B.I.G. Choir and the Kingdom Choir among other directing and performing roles.

Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard
BMC Drums

Daniel plays African Music, Jazz,  Mambo, Rockabilly and Rhythm 'n' Blues. He loves teaching in the day and gigging in the evenings!  ‘Drumming is better than anything else’.

Mike Strocchi

Mike Strocchi   
BMC Keyboards & Band Workshop

Mike teaches on BMC keyboards and is a multi instrumentalist.

Ahnansé aka Wayne Francis

Wayne Francis
AYM Music Production 

Wayne teaches music production on our AYM programme. Being a multi instrumentalist and owning a wonderful smile, music making with Wayne is a treat for young creative students. Wayne is saxophonist in the band United Vibrations.

Vince Brady

Vince Brady
CICAS®  Sound Engineer | Deaf Rave Music Production Assistant

Vince is a sound engineer in our studio. He is also a teaching assistant for Deaf Rave and a music producer. He has been playing Bass for 16 years.

Roger Baptiste

Roger Baptiste  
AYM & BMC Keyboards 

Roger is an experienced session and events pianist, music director and educator, with the enthusiasm and communication skills that will inspire you to create and perform.

MC Angel MC & Spoken Word Tutor

MC Angel
Spoken Word Tutor

MC Angel is a spoken word artist, hip-hop MC and author. She also runs workshops for young Londoners with the Roundhouse in Camden, and with Breaking Convention to estates in Hackney.

Suzan Beyazit
BMC Guitar

Artistic director, composer and music teacher, Suzan has been trained at Goldsmiths and London College of Music. She also organises music festivals for young musicians.