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IN 5:  The Midi Music Company

''Based in Deptford, Lewisham, the Charity provides affordable instrumental classes for 5-30s and adults , affordable rehearsal space, an on site recording studio, as well as programming events and development opportunities for aspiring musicians.''

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''Thanks to The Midi Music Company run by Wozzy Brewster for giving us a wonderful opportunity to learn how to produce music. hopefully the crew can go one step further and show the world that deaf people can enjoy the music.'' Troi Lee- Deaf Rave

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A Trip To The Midi Music Company

''MMC is a charity organisation ‘inspiring creative minds’ and this was clear to me even within 5 minutes of being there. It has an excellent community feel; the fact it offers after school music & dance lessons, recording studios on site, and experienced staff members, and even a kitchen, makes it all the more a rarity in a dog-eat-dog society.''

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Gig Review: Deaf Rave

''It’s difficult to know what to expect from a deaf rave. Do deaf people listen to music? If so, how do they experience it? Half of legendary, award winning DJ duo The Wideboys had a slot later on in the night. He showcased the slick, polished abilities of a seasoned pro in his element. There was a garage vibe to this portion of the rave – a subset of electronic music, which has aged well and still gets people moving. All in all, Deaf Rave was the perfect marriage between devastating dance jams and a buzzing community atmosphere.''

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Gig review: The Breakout Club

Joe Marshall celebrates the death of boundaries in music

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Wisdom: A Portrait Series Interview MMC Founder Wozzy Brewster OBE


''I feel that with record labels shifting from the traditional approach of investing in artist development over the past decade, it has become the role of organisations like ourselves to champion this aspect of the business, supporting emerging talent and providing access to resources, studio time, links to industry and creating networking opportunities...''

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The Midi Music Company launches pioneering course for Deaf young people with Deaf Rave

South East London charity The Midi Music Company has joined forces with Deaf community and culture organisation Deaf Rave to create and deliver a tailor-made music production course for Deaf young people, starting this September.

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My work space

Wozzy Brewster founded the Midi Music Company in Deptford to give young people the chance to design and create music. In 2002 she was awarded an OBE for her contribution to youth arts. She talks to Sandra Deeble about her work spaces

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South London music charity keeps good work up

A South London music charity can continue its good work keeping young people out of gangs and crime - thanks to the financial help from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) who stepped in to help after everyone else said no.

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No Such Thing as 'free' talent

''Music transcends all challenges and brings people together'' Claims Wozzy. ''But Musicians and musical projects often take 5-10 years of work and push to know whether an individual or group will be successful to the point of earning a living.'' 



Wozzy Brewster Director of The Midi Music Company on The Breakfast Show| Gaby Roslin & Paul Ross.