Shingai – Too Bold (Diamond Remix)

12th March 2021

Get social with Shingai Website shing.aiBandcamp CAPs singer-songwriter Shingai releases a new music video remix of Too Bold on Friday 12th March 2021 at 6pm GMT. The track, taken from her debut solo album of the same name, also features CICAS® artist Jelly Cleaver on the mix and is beautifully … Read More

Amy Fitz Doyley new video ‘Over and Away’

21st January 2021

Last year… oh, what a year! CAPs singer-songwriter Amy Fitz Doyley decided to use the time to jump into the studio and get making new music. Over and Away is a song she’s written about time travel, posing the question, ‘what would you do if you could turn back the hands of time?’ Get social … Read More

Mic Assassin 5 Wings

22nd October 2020

CAPs musician and entrepreneur Mic Assassin released a new single 5 Wings on 14th October 2020. Its super real talk takes a gripping look at the traumas young people face growing up in inner cities, how they self medicate and try to heal themselves by consuming food, shopping, alcohol or drugs. The compelling theme centres … Read More

Simple Things ft. Frank Harper

9th March 2020

Chainska Brassika has a new single, Simple Things ft. Frank Harper released on Friday 6th March 2020. Check out the video. Can spot the other CICAS® and CAPs members dancing in the audience? Chainska Brassika were SXSW this month, performing at the British Music Embassy, Cedar Street Courtyard on 15th March and the SXSW Official Showcase at Flamingo Cantina … Read More

Highlights of MMC’s 25th anniversary celebration

2nd March 2020

On Monday 20th February MMC celebrated our silver jubilee with a night of live performances, DJs and special guests. That’s 25 years supporting young creatives at The Midi Music Company! Held for our first ever performance at the 100 Club, London’s iconic live music venue, thanks to the generous support from Lee & Thompson funding the … Read More